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It’s official, solar energy costs less to produce electricity than fossil fuels. And although rooftop solar has its benefits it’s not for everyone, community solar is rapidly becoming a preferred choice for clean energy.

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Community solar with SolarStreet lets you subscribe to a local solar project and save on your electric bill. The cost to you? Nothing. Nada! 

Set your average monthly electricity bill to see what SolarStreet can do for you!

Savings estimates are based on a U.S national average. Lifetime of community solar contract = 20 years.

First, a bit about
community solar

At SolarStreet we love solar, it’s good for the planet and for your wallet. Solar panels have gotten so affordable that homes across the country can save money with rooftop solar while greening up the grid and lowering emissions. But the problem is roughly 20% of homes are ideal candidates for installing rooftop panels and they have a large upfront cost.

The solution? Community solar. These are local solar farms that produce enough solar to power 100s of homes in your community. The farm pushes the clean energy to the grid, which means your community requires fewer fossil fuels–cleaning the air and supporting green energy jobs in your area.

There are 2500 solar farms in the U.S. and growing at record rates.

From clean generation to savings,

community solar is a win-win.

Going solar with SolarStreet 

is quite simple. 

Sign up for free to reserve your spot

It takes less than 3 minutes to sign up! No monthly fees. No changes to your utility. It's free for you for the lifetime of the program! You will save 20% and we guarantee you will always pay less than your utility.

Await assignment to your solar farm

Get yourself on the list! Based on high demand, the current wait time is between 4-8 weeks, depending on your utility and the development stage of the solar project assigned to you. We will keep you updated via email as you get closer to your connection date.

Finalize your account setup

At this stage, you will add your utility and payment details. IYou will receive bill credits that reduce your monthly utility bill. A few weeks later you will receive an invoice from us. In some states, it's all handled through your utility bill. Easy peasy.

Sit back and enjoy the savings!

Most programs are 20-25 years meaning you can continue to save as long as you have a utility account! Remember, if you don’t like saving money each month you can cancel anytime, hassle free.

We will plant a tree every month on your behalf. 
Reserve your spot. 

Join us in our commitment to CO2 reduction across the globe. Watch the video to learn more about